A(n almost) GNU-free Linux distribution




A(n almost) GNU-free Linux distribution


Wyvertux is an effort to remove GNU components from a typical Linux system. This means replacing GNU libc with musl, GCC with Clang, libstdc++ with libc++, replacing GNU binutils with its LLVM counterpart (ld), GNU Bison with byacc, and many others.

Wyvertux plans to make an extreme approach, in which while GNU components (which in some cases, like grep, is vastly superior to its counterpart in Busybox) will still be available in a separate repo, they won’t be shipped by default.


Why not?

It’s probably not going to be a big distribution like Debian, Fedora, Arch, Alpine, or Void. It’s going to be a experiment (a toy, if you will), and when I hit a ceiling, I’ll probably stop and archive this repo.

Do you hate GPL or GNU?

No to both.

If I hate GPL, all of Wyvertux’s stack will use permissively-licensed programs, and I will still use GNU ncurses (which is released under 3-clause BSD), but I ditched it. Without any suitable licenses like GPL, Linux won’t even exist. So the GPL is necessary and ultimately, a good thing.

If I hate GNU, I probably won’t be providing bash at all, which I personally use. Also, you have to admit that a lot of GNU tools (like grep) are just faster than its other counterparts. So, no harm to include them (assuming they can be built with the LLVM toolchain, of course).

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