Wyvertux part 2: After the toolchain, time for Wyverkiss

Well, the toolchain’s done. We already have the musl-libc, clang, libc++, and the rest ready. Now we go to the rest. GNU is més que un toolchain, they have coreutils and so on.

Because I was basing Wyvertux on KISS Linux, a lot of packages are provided by busybox, but in the future, I want to go for a more traditional approach (Busybox will only provide awk, coreutils, findutils, and grep). A separate rootfs will be provided for those who still wants KISS Linux but with Wyvertux toolchain.

Anyway, there are also bison (yacc), GNU make, GNU m4, etc. So, where do we start?

Because Wyvertux is practically a fork of KISS Linux, and KISS Linux mostly have a philosophy of “it’s easier to add things than to remove them”, I’m launching Wyverkiss, a new project that would be an unofficial rootfs alternative for KISS Linux, aimed at those who want a (mostly) true GNU-free experience. We’ll start from there.

Wyverkiss and Wyvertux would be closely related since they are using the same package manager format, but Wyverkiss will be tied closely to KISS Linux while Wyvertux will be fully independent. If we can get the full KISS mainline repo to build with the Wyverkiss toolchain, we can work from there, like replacing busybox things with OpenBSD’s stuff, etc. I haven’t determined which programs to install in Wyvertux, for now.

So, that’s it. I don’t know what else to write.